The new Quotes section, allows Sellers to create, send, and manage quotes for the end-customers with few easy steps.

With Quotes function, Seller can quote potential deals very quickly and easily to the customer. With this function, Seller will make sure that the deal is closed with the best proposal to the customer within the given time frame, send comments to the customer and adjust the proposal or order amount as well as manage Quotes in one place

After creating a proposal for a customer, Seller can easily track and manage them directly in the Platform under the section Quotes. 

Upon Seller sends a quote - the customer receives an email with a quote and directly by simply clicking a link approve, refuse or leave a comment for suggestions. 

Quotes section is accessible in the "Seller view" by Seller Admin and Account Managers.

Seller Admins and Account Managers can also view and manage Quotes in the "Customer view" for specific customers.


To have an overview of created quotes In "Seller view" or in the "Customer view" select section Quotes:

1. Slide button to the left or right to Show Inactive or Active quotes;

2. Last activity: Date when the last changes were made to the Quote;

3. Quote name: Name of quote, you either have customized name for the quote or leave the name as the system generates it for you;

4. Customer: customer, which a Quote was made for; 

5. Amount: price of the quote

6. Days to accept: Days left until the customer needs to accept the Quote, you may choose between  7, 14, or 28 days;

7. Status: You will see the different statuses for Quotes;

In more detail read the article How to edit a Quote?

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