How do I block/unblock the organization?


How to block organization?

As a Distributor admin, Seller Admin you can block/unblock the organization from their profile page. This stops all orders that are still in progress, cancels all quotes pending their acceptance, and either keeps or cancels their existing subscriptions.

Note! A user can't access a blocked organization.  

In order to block the organization, go to the Organization section,  select the desired profile.


Note! The organization can not be blocked before you choose to keep or cancel its existing

a. If you choose to "Keep subscriptions" - Subscriptions will remain active until expiry.

b. If you choose to "Cancel subscriptions" - Active subscriptions will be canceled.

!Note some of vendors may have limited support for canceling subscriptions. For example, MS NCE subscriptions have a commitment period and they won't be canceled. You will be billed for the commitment duration even if the organization is blocked.


c. If you choose to "Remove" - Organization will be removed.

cus_1.pngWhen selecting the actions mentioned above, a pop-up window will appear:


d. After selecting "Confirm," the organization will be removed.

Note! If an organization has an active subscription, the following error message pops up "Cancel all active subscriptions and try again."


e. After selecting "Open subscriptions" the user will be directed to the Subscription section. 

How to unblock organization?

You will find blocked organizations in the Organization section with status "Blocked". Click on "Profile".


Press on "Unblock". After this, the organization will be active again.


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