How does NCE trial subscriptions work?

By default, NCE trial subscriptions in Microsoft Partner Center have the renewal turned on meaning it will be converted to a paid subscription after the trial period is over.
On the other hand, NCE trial subscriptions that are provisioned/purchased through the AppXite Platform will have the renewal automatically turned off.

You'll know that the subscription is NCE when you see the NCE tag on the logo as shown below:


Legacy or non-NCE licenses don't have the NCE tags on their logo.

How does it work?

After purchasing the license, the request to turn off the Auto-renew is being processed by the Microsoft Partner Center.
The overall process is as follows:

How does it look?

After the order gets provisioned, you can visit the NCE trial subscription under the "Subscriptions" tab.
(There you'll see that there's no option to turn on or turn off Auto-renew, this is by default and this is the same view for all other NCE trial licenses).



What to do if you want to upgrade the license from a trial to a paid subscription?

If the customer wants to continue converting their NCE trial subscription to a paid one, then the reseller can do the following:

  1. If the trial hasn't expired reseller can enable Auto-renew in the Microsoft Partner Center:
  2. If the trial expires, the reseller or the customer needs to purchase the subscription by going to the Catalog and purchasing a paid type offer from there:

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