Perform manual synchronization

It is possible to synchronize the customer organization from the Microsoft Partner Center to the platform, without waiting for the regular 24-hour synchronization. This option is available for Distributor Admins and Seller Admins.
To initiate the manual synd, navigate to the portal's "SETTINGS" tab and choose the sub-section Organizations. Click on "Sync Now" button.


This button enables Sellers to have their customers synchronized from the Microsoft Partner Center to their platform within a few hours.
NOTE! Clicking this button on a Distributor portal initiates the entire Distributor sync from the Microsoft Partner Center, which can result in a longer synchronization times.
Manual sync with Microsoft will be locked for the next 60 minutes since the last run. When manual sync is blocked, the "Sync now" button, will be disabled:



NOTE! This manual sync functionality allows to reduce the sync time down to a few hours (instead of the usual 24-hours time span).
Read the article 'Synchronize Organization with existing MS Tenant' and learn more about the fields that are being synchronized.
NOTE! Bill-to info updated on the platform will not sync to the Microsoft Partner Center. If the Bill-to info  needs to be changed for a customer, such a change should be done directly in the Microsoft Partner Center, which will later sync to the platform.

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