Perform manual synchronization

It is possible to synchronize the customer organization from Microsoft Partner Center to the platform, without waiting for the regular 24-hour synchronization. This option is available for Distributor Admin and Seller Admin.  Go to "Settings" and choose the sub-section Organizations.  Select the button "Sync Now".


With the enabling of a button, Sellers have the possibility to synchronize their customers to the platform with MSPC, and Distributors have the possibility to synchronize any of their sellers' customers to the platforms with MSPC (when logged in into seller's platform).

Manual sync with Microsoft will be locked for 60 minutes since the last run. When manual sync is blocked, the "Sync now" button, will be disabled,


with the following information below:

"Subscription and organization data is synced with Microsoft on daily basis. You can also trigger sync manually if you need to refresh data immediately".

Note! Once this is done, the Customer(s) will synchronize with the Seller platform immediately, instead of regular 24-hour synchronization.
Read the article 'Synchronize Organization with existing MS Tenant' and learn more about the fields that are being synchronized.
If bill-to info is updated on the platform it will not sync to the MSPC. Updating bill-to info from MSPC will sync to the platform. 
If the "Sync now" button is selected on the distribution platform, the expected is that sync will happen to those end-customers that are directly under the distributor.

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