Air Slate Seller Guide

signNow solution: License based

Invoice: Upfront for the year

Subscription term: 1 year

Up-size: License quantity can be increased any time during the life-cycle

Down-size: Quantity will be decreased after the Renewal date and cannot downsize to a lower level SKU

Renewal: Automatic for the same quantity. If quantity want to be changed, update amount for Subscription have to be prior to Renewal date 

Suspension: Suspend subscription in the Cloud Platform prior to the Renewal date


New Customers



Customers with existing signNow Accounts

If a customer has previously purchased from signNow and now wants to purchase additional seats on the Cloud Platform, customer will need to place an order through the Cloud Platform and email signNow support to move the existing signNow licenses over to the Cloud Platform.

However, if these seats were purchased through another reseller, a customer needs to notify signNow Support to transfer records as this wouldn't be done without the customer's consent or knowledge.

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