How to add bundle to the shopping cart?

bundle is a package of offers wrapped together. It is possible to add a bundle through the Product Catalog:

1. Log in on behalf of the customer, then select a bundle in the catalog by selecting “View Offers”.

Step 1: Configure Plan

If the price is not predefined via Customer Prices and you want to set-up a different price for the chosen bundle at the moment of the purchase:

a. Choose the Tenant Domain.
b. Change the Quantity as desired.

     b1. Price calculations are shown in the table according to Quantity.
c. Choose Charge Period (Monthly, Annual).
d. Click on the Gear to edit prices for this offer. This icon is only visible/accessible for Seller Admins
e. Adjust Markup percentages.
f. Adjust Target Customer Price.
g. View Vendor InPrice (Partner Price).
h. View Estimated Retail Price.
i. View Customer Price.
j. View Margins.


Step 2: Select Add-ons

If needed, add (k) necessary add-ons to the parent license or skip (l) to the next step. 

05.pngIn more detail read the article How to manage Add-ons?

Step 3: Verify/modify Order
The bundle is added to the cart as one item, but displays offers included in it, one per line, the quantity of each item in the cart can be changed.  It does not separately change the quantity of each offer in the bundle. The bundle can be removed. 


 Step 4: Place Order

After Place order action, you will be asked to agree to Terms and Conditions.
T&C of each offer in the bundle must be accepted before completing the order. If the bundle has a custom T&C, it must be accepted in addition to the T&C of each offer in the bundle.




m. You will then receive the Order Number and Order summary.
n. View orders - when an order is submitted, it can be found in the ORDERS section, where you can follow the statuses of its completion.
o. Continue Shopping - choose other licenses, add them to the cart and place the orders.

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