How to merge organizations?

Merge can ONLY be used between 2 Organizations , where 1 Customer profile is without active Subscription and/or attached MS domains.

Support team can however perform such changes manually (on a per-request basis), in order to make sure such manipulations are not detrimental for invoicing data.

If such changes are required ,please contact:

Seller admin and Distributor admin have the possibility to merge organizations if the platform is integrated with their ERP system.

A merge is a corporate strategy of combining different organizations into a single organization. 

Note! Once you merge organizations, you will not be able to unmerge these organizations. 

1. Go to the Organization section, select the desired profile.


The section will be opened in a new window.
a. Select the "Edit icon" (pencil).
b. Select the search icon.


Enter ERP ID and select "Search".

The section will be opened in a new window. 

c. The ERP ID can be changed by selecting the "Search".
d. If the ERP ID is already taken by an organization in the platform,  the pop-up message will appear: "This ERP ID is already taken by the Organization 2. Please see its details below.
e. Merge - merges into the organization with which the conflict was found and redirects to its profile.
f. Cancel - closes the popup and doesn't merge.

User memberships, order history, invoice history, and reports will not be merged into the destination organization. 

 Note! The organization you're currently in will no longer be accessible by customers. 

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