How to invite user of Microsoft partner?


This article outlines the straightforward process of inviting users to your platform with Microsoft account, ensuring efficient onboarding and streamlined user management.

To Invite Users with MS partnership to your Platform:

1. Go to the Users tab.

2. Click "Invite User" .


Fill in the lines in a pop-up window. 


a. Enter the email address to which invitation should be sent.

b. Role: select permission levels/Roles In more detail read the article User permissions and roles

c. Select Organization type and name: You can select Organizations (drop-down menu or search), that are registered on your Seller platform. For Seller organization users, choose Sellers. For Customer organizations - choose Customers.

d. Identity Provider:

  • If the invitee's email is connected to Azure Active Directory (AAD), then choose the AAD option.
  • If the e-mail is connected to Microsoft LiveID, use the LiveId option as Identity Provider.
NOTE! You also have a possibility to invite User to multiple Customer organizations at once:


e. Invite. Invited users will receive an email with a link, in more detail read here. 
After clicking on the link, the invited user will be redirected to the platform, where the invited user should log in with the same email address in which the invitation email was sent/received, the invitation is valid for 7 days.

NOTE! When inviting a user or giving permissions to an existing user, You can see the ERP IDs of organizations, to differentiate if the organization names are the same or similar.


f. If the organization doesn't have an ERP ID, "Organization name" is shown only.

g. If the organization has ERP ID, it is shown in the dropdown in the format "Organization name - ERP ID".

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