How to Select an Organization?

To manage a customer/organization profile:
Go to the Select Organization Page. This is only available for CSP Administrators and Account Managers


 On this page, a user can perform the following actions:


  1. Create a new organization.
  2. Review the list of organizations.
    a) Search by organization name.
    b) Filter organizations by their Status, Country, etc.
  3. The ERP ID will be displayed for the organization if available. In more detail read the article What is ERP ID column in organizations list?
  4. Act on behalf of a selected organization (in Customer View) by clicking on the name of the organization;
  5. Review the profile of an individual organization by clicking on "Profile" next to the name of
    the organization.
  6. Customer View: Review subscriptions and contracts of a selected organization by clicking on the number of subscriptions or contracts of the selected organization respectively.

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