How to manually create a new Customer Organization?

This article describes how a new organization or customer can be created. If the desired customer is already registered with the Microsoft Partner Center, please see this article about adding a Microsoft Tenant

If the organization or customer is not registered with the Microsoft Partner Center, that organization must be manually added through the process below: 

a. Go to the Select Organization page:

b. Select Create New:


Fill in the necessary fields:

Note! An organization won't be created before you choose to "Create and approve" or "Create".

c. Create and approve- If you choose this option, the created organization will be active and will have the opportunity to purchase products immediately.
d. Create- If you will choose this option, you will need to "Approve" the organization afterwards.
In more detail read the article  How to activate an organization?


1. ERP ID: Can be an optional or mandatory field (in Settings section - Customer - Customer Rights - select Reject Orders without ERP ID to make this mandatory). 

2. Registration Number - Customer's registration number.

3. Currency: This is, by default, a company's national currency.

4. Define the Industry of the customer or organization, considering that specific industries can have specific offers and prices within the platform. If left empty, this field will default to a Private Organization.

An industry can not be changed after the Organization is created.

5. Add the Primary Address of a customer or organization. By default, the Billing Address will be the same.

6. Add the Primary Contact information field. By default, Billing Contact will be the same.

7. If needed, a separate Billing Contact and Service Desk Contact can be created for the Customer.

One customer can have multiple tenants.

Note! If a customer wants to become a Microsoft customer after it has been added through manual creation, Microsoft Tenant can be created when purchasing a subscription. 

See more information in the following article: Add Microsoft Tenant

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