How to configure price for specific Customer?

This article describes the steps which are needed to be taken in order to change prices for a specific Customer. 

It is also possible to set up prices for all customers at once


In case prices need to be changed for a specific Customer, you go to the Select Organizations tab, select the Organization by clicking on its Profile in the grid, to get to the Organizations Details Page. There is an Edit Prices menu available on top of the page:


In the Offer Prices section for defined Customer you can:

  1. Edit Generic Prices for this defined customer. 
  2. Create a new Special Offer price for this defined customer.
  3. Edit the Offers by clicking on the Offer name already in the list.
  4. See the list of active defined Customer Markups for defined Offers.
  5. See the list of active Retail Prices for defined Offers.
  6. See the list of active Customer Prices for defined Offers.
  7. See the dates, when the offer is Effective From.


In more detail read the articles What is Generic price? What is Special price?

(1) Edit Generic Prices:

1. Click +Add to create a Generic Price 

2. Chose which date when the Generic Price will start and expire or never expires then chose To Infinity

3. Select Markup by clicking on the arrows, when done click Save



(2) Create new price for Offer (Offer group), by clicking on "Create new"


In order to see the Vendor Price (your buying price), consult the SKUs in the Catalog.

(3) Edit the Offer by clicking on the Offer name from the list and adjust the markup, as per necessity:

  1. Select the offer from the list of existing Offer Prices (Pic.1)
  2. Click +Add to add a new pricing period (Pic.2)
  3. Configure the new price by setting the From date, Till date, and the new markup, and click Save (Pic.3)
    NOTE: The From date should be any date in the future! It cannot be backdated or set to 'Today'.
  4. On a pop-up notification window click CONFIRM and then click Save (Pic.4) 

Note: The new price will become effective and show on the portal starting from the corresponding From date set in the new price period.

The Offer Prices page shows all Manually configured prices (from the Offer Prices page) and also the Prices per Offer that where configured with a markup different to Generic price (configured on Reseller level) ,while making purchase from the Catalog.






Note! When the Account Manager purchases a Subscription for a Customer, he can give additional discount/markup on top of Seller Price, but it will not be allowed to put a discount outside the limits defined by the Seller admin.
The Customer price page shows all Manually configured prices -per Customer and also the Prices per Offer that where configured with a markup ,during configuration of the provisioning order.

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