How to customize Catalog?

Product Catalog customization is a section where you can manage, categorize, and organize all your offers in the desired order.
This section under Catalog a.(go to "Catalog" → "Customer segment") is visible only to Seller Admins, b. choose existing segment from the list or create a new segment.


The page will be opened in a new window, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the "Edit catalog" button.


It is organized in the following way:


1. Customer Segment (1) allows selecting the customer segment (defined before) to which the catalog would be available. By default, the option is "All"

2. Option Vendors (2) allows the user to select/filter the vendors available on the platform.

3. Under Products (3) one can see the number of offers available. All the Products, that are in production, are available here. 

4. Categories (4) can be edited (change title, change the order by drag & drop) or deleted as needed; the numbers show how many Products are available in each category and one Product can be placed in multiple categories. Seller Admin can add multiple categories by clicking on the “+” icon.

5. Filters (5) can be used if tags (5a) are defined for the Products. Tags can be assigned with the "Edit Tags" option (5b) for each Product individually.

6. "Not available in your country or for your industry" message (6) will be visible for those products that are not eligible in your country or for your industry. For more details read the article - „Product unavailable“ badge description

7. You can sort product positions with a simple drag and drop moves.


Products can be:

  • 4a: placed in at least one category.
  • 4b: not placed in any category.
  • 4c: Dragged & dropped in the categories visible on the left side (4).
  • 5a: Tagged.
  • 5b: One can delete Products from a Category via the "Edit Tags" option.

In more detail read the article -  Add/remove Products in Catalog.

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