Subscription section is available only in Customer View (logged-in on behalf of the Customer organization): 


a. Subscriptions type - the list of subscriptions type.
Subscription types: All, Usage-Based, License, One time, Bundle.
b. By selecting  Search subscription name, vendor name, Microsoft tenant name can be filtered.
c. Status - the status of the subscription.
d. Subscription - the subscription names.
e. Vendor - the vendor's names. The Vendor column also displays the Microsoft tenant.
f. Expires on - the expire of the subscription name. 
g. Quantity - the number of licenses.
h. Add-ons - the number of add-ons.
i. Billing cycle - billing cycle of the subscription. 

j. Show cost - the price of the seller can be reviewed. 

k. Price - the price of the subscription for the end customer. 


Subscription statuses:

  • Disabled - subscription with suspended status.
  • Enabled -  subscription with active status.
  • Not provisioned -subscription with suspended status.

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