Subscription section

Subscription section is available only in Customer view (logged-in on behalf of the Customer organization): 

1. Subscriptions type - the list of subscriptions type.
Subscription types: All, Usage-Based, License, One time, Bundle.
2. By selecting  Search subscription name, vendor name, vendor tenant can be filtered.
3. Status - the status of the subscription.
4. Subscription - the subscription names. For MS NCE subscriptions you will see "NCE" tag next to subscription name for easier distinguishing
5. Vendor - the vendor's names. The Vendor column also displays the vendor tenant.

5.1 Microsoft offers in Vendor column shows the name of the Vendor and tenant. If several tenants are used in the subscription (e.g. CPQ or bundle with several MS offers), then the value displays Microsoft MixedMixed is a link that opens subscription details (i.e. same page that opens when clicking on subscription name).

6. Expires on - the expiry date of the subscription. 
7. Quantity - the number of licenses.
8. Add-ons - the number of add-ons.
9. Billing cycle - billing cycle of the subscription. 

10. Regular cost - the price of the subscription for the end customer. !Note this field shows price for the next full billing period at the current configuration. If you change status, quantity or other details mid-period, check the invoice for the actual amount to pay.

11. Show cost - the price of the seller can be reviewed. 

12. Scheduled changes - If the subscription has any active scheduled change you will see "Scheduled" displayed. Click the link to see details of the change scheduled.


!Note Subscription page is using cookies and saves the filter settings you had most recently used. For example, if you filter the view to see only Active subscriptions, the next time you log in to the portal, you will see only Active subscriptions. The filter settings can be changed at any time.

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