How do I register on the Platform?

This article explains how a Seller can register users and customers on the platform. This is accomplished when the Seller admin, Account Manager, Customer admin (to see who can send the invitation, see an article about - User Permissions and Roles ) sends Platform Invitation to the proposed user. 

  1. The platform registration process begins when a Seller or Customer receives an email invitation (as shown below). The recipient of this invitation must accept this invitation to be granted Customer Roles within the platform. Press "Accept Invitation" to accept.


2. On the next step, the user has to choose the "Work email (AAD Account)" log-in option. Only the Azure Active Directory accounts can be used with this option:


3. The Azure Active Directory domains of the invitee have to be whitelisted against the Auth0 application before the users are invited/click "Accept invitation" (or "Activate account") from this page:


Key Points:

  • A platform invitation remains active for 7 (seven) days after being sent. If the recipient fails to accept within this time period, the link must be resent. 
  • If a user attempts to log in before the invitation is accepted, that user will not be displayed on the user list. They will also have no access rights.
  • If a user attempts to log in with another Identity Provider that has been invited, the user will fail to log in. 
  • Ensure there are no additional Microsoft accounts open other than this one.
  • After a user has accepted this invitation, they will be directed to the Platform to log in.

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