User Permissions and Roles: A Guide for Distributors, Sellers, and Customers


The permissions of a "User" can vary within the platform depending on the assigned user role.
These permissions include viewing and managing organizations. 

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User permissions and roles Distributor level 


Users assigned the "Distributor admin" or "Super admin" roles have the ability to grant the "Distributor ReadOnly" role or invite users with the "Distributor ReadOnly" role.

For the platform, having the "Distributor ReadOnly" role alone is sufficient to gain read permissions. However, for the SKU and distributor portal, the "Distributor ReadOnly" role must be assigned in addition to the "Distributor admin" role to obtain full read permissions.

User Permissions and roles Seller level

See the table below displaying permissions relative to a user's role:  - View; E - Edit.  


The Product Manager role is used for the Creation of New Products and services that need to be done, in order to access CPQ and edit forms. 

In order to provide access to the reseller's reports (reports for the whole portal or the reports of all the organizations), the "Reseller Report" role should be added additionally to the already existing roles.

NOTE! Subscription/Product Manager roles do not have access for editing markups on subscriptions. Only Seller Admin and Account Manager roles can do that. 

The access to the 360° Report is available to Distributor and Seller Admins without need to assign the 360° Report Viewer role.

If 360° Report is opened in one platform, authorized user will be able to see the data from all platforms they have access as distributor and seller admins. All those organizations will be shown as perspective orgs in Filters section. 

NOTE! Distributor and Seller Admins users can assign the role '360° Report Viewer' to themselves or other organizations to add these organizations to the report as Perspective Organizations and have measures calculated for them. E.g., as a distributor, you may want to see a handful of sellers to see the data from their perspective.
Additionally, Distributor and Seller Admins users can grant access to the 360° Report for other users by assigning '360° Report Viewer' role to other users for specific organizations.

User permissions and roles on Customer Level 

See the table below displaying permissions relative to a user's role:  - View; E - Edit.  


  • ''Customer'' permissions are available to the seller and to the customer.
  • "Customer billing Admin" can be used if the seller thinks invoices should be visible for the customer.
NOTE! When inviting an end-customer user, it is suggested to use the “Customer” status. With that status, user can purchase and manage subscriptions without being exposed to overly sensitive data. With the “Customer admin” status, the user can purchase subscriptions, manage subscriptions, and invite other users from the same organization.

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