Orders section is available only in Customer View (logged-in on behalf of the Customer organization):


By default, an open page view is Recent orders, where you can see all orders with different statuses (e.g. Start, Provision finished/failed, etc.) and details, such as who placed an order, when the order was placed. 

From here you can access Historical orders, where you will find orders with completion statuses (completed / with errors / failed etc.) and also more details about order (who placed an order, when). 

Here you can see the following fields: 

  1. Order ID / # of items - number of the order and list of licenses
  2. Requested changes - any changes made to the existing order/subscription (increase/decrease of licenses, license suspension) or if a new subscription is purchased.
  3. Created by - shows information in which the user/organization created the order.
  4. Date - the date when the order purchased/changes to subscription done.
  5. Status - state of order. 
  6. Note - note can be added to the order.
  7. Historical orders button in the Recent orders view.
  8. Recent orders button in the Historical orders view.

Note! Customer and Customer admin roles can't see markup changes in orders. If markup change is the only change in the order, Customer and Customer admin roles can't see the whole order.

Order statuses:

Recent orders - orders that are in changeable status and have not been processed, can have the following statuses:

  • Provisioning started– Order provisioning has been started and not finished.
  • Provisioning finished– Order provisioning has been finished offer has been purchased.
  • Provisioning failed – Order provisioning has failed due to some circumstances such as wrong contact, email, etc.
  • Started – order has been started but not finished, the order has not been purchased yet.
  • Deleted – order has been deleted from the shopping cart.

Historical orders – orders that have been processed and cannot be modified, have the following statuses:

  • In progress – The order has been started to be purchased but is not finished yet.
  • Draft – Order has been started to be purchased and is saved as Draft to finish the purchasing process.
  • Completed with errors – The order has been completed and sent to the vendor, the vendor returns an error message with information why the order is not completed successfully e.g. fields not filled completely, email address invalid for the customer, etc. 
  • Completed – order has been completed, the order has been purchased.

In the Historical order section, you will see Order by Active state, Draft State, and All-state:


When you select All, you will see a more detailed Order view.

Select order, click on Order name, you will see

  • Order name (e.g. Order #11-03-2019)
  • Description - Subscription name;
  • Payment Details;
  • If Addons were added;
  • Quantity;
  • Costs;

Selecting Subscription name where you will find Admin e-mail (customers name who will use/receive subscription), name, surname, Tenant name (in case of Microsoft order), price details:


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