What is Price Source?

Vendors provide two price levels: Vendor InPrice & Vendor Estimated Retail Price (ERP).
Price Adjustments – positive or negative/discounts – are made to either the Vendor InPrice or ERP (choosing InPrice or Retail Price as the Price Source). 


Price configuration can be done by the CSP Admin/Account Manager as follows:

1. If logged in with a Seller admin role, price management can be done in both Seller view and Customer view:

  • Seller view – Seller admin can configure the prices for all customers on all offer(s) or 1 specific offer (Base price).
  • Customer view – Seller admin can configure the prices for a specific customer on all offer(s) or 1 specific offer.

2. If logged in with an Account Manager role, price configuration can be done only in Customer view, i.e. Account Manager acts on behalf of the customer and can configure the price for all/one specific offer(s) (make positive or negative price adjustments).

3. Both Seller admin and Account Managers roles have permissions for a specific customer to:

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