How can I see details of my outgoing invoice?

This article describes how Outgoing Invoices streamline the process from Seller to Customer, ensuring accuracy and efficiency, key features like verifying for invoice receivers, applying filters, and managing invoice statuses.

Outgoing Invoices are invoices to be sent from Seller to Customer. These are generated automatically once all Vendor invoices to Sellers are generated by Platform and verified by AppXite.  


By clicking on Invoice Number, you will access all the information about all invoices, that should be sent to all your customers:



In Outgoing invoice details, you will see:

  1. View full recon data - for the selected invoice.
  2. Verify for invoice receiver - It is possible to verify invoices in parts, e.g. where no corrections are necessary or all corrections have been added. This helps to avoid delaying the entire invoice if you find issues with its specific part. Verifying does not yet make the invoice available to the partner/customer, but you cannot correct them. Verified = ready to be issued. 
  3. Different filters allow you to overview the details of the invoice. 
  4. Each Customer's invoices will be in a separate line. The invoice number will allow you to access more detailed information about all subscriptions and purchase details for this customer.
  5. Export the information in the excel file.
  6. Choose the columns to display on the page.
  7. When selecting arrow, the following options will appear:

2 in.png

8. Verify for all partners.

9. Issue - When you want to make the verified invoices available to the partner/customer, click “Issue”. Partners/customers will see Issued invoices as incoming invoices.

10. Mark as Paid - Seller can mark invoices as paid when they receive the payment to sync this status with their other systems

In more detail read the article How to get Full Reconciliation data?


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