Invoices for just on-boarded CSP Sellers with existing subscriptions

For just on-boarded CSP Sellers with existing subscriptions full synchronization is made with Microsoft Partner Center by events and by price for the last three months for license based subscriptions and the last two months for usage-based subscriptions. Why is it so?

In order for the Platform to create a reconciliation file for outgoing invoices for the current month (with billing data summarized by customer, subscription and invoice charge type), the Seller Platform has two processes to generate: billing and invoicing.

Billing is calculated every day for all the subscriptions existing in the system. It represents the actual subscription cost for every billing period.

Invoicing is run every billing day for a contract. For license-based subscriptions, it compares the amount of payment in advance in the previous invoice with the actual amount calculated in billing records. If they are not equal – a correction is generated for the previous period.

If AppXite started to synchronize just on-boarded Seller's (who has been CSP seller for some time already) data into Platform with the go-life date, this would lead to the duplicated  amount of the first invoice. This is the reason we synchronize last two and/ or three months into our Platform.

Meanwhile, Platform will not generate invoices for those last three or two months. However, the "Reports" section will be available for you for that period.

Example for on-boarded Seller with an existing subscription

When the billing engine gets a subscription with no billing at all, it calculates it for 3 months back to the past. After the first billing run on 14.03.2018 billing records for January, February and March appear in Platform. At the date of the first invoice (1st of April) invoicing engine compares billing for the previous period 01.03.2018 – 01.04.2018 with the previous payment in advance. If there is no invoice for that period, a correction for the full cost of the period 01.03.2018 – 01.04.2018 would be added to the invoice, and, as a result, the first invoice amount, in this case, would be approximately 2 times higher than its actual cost. To avoid this, billing and invoicing for all new sellers with existing subscriptions should be run several months in the past before Platform calculates the current invoice.



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