How to edit subscriptions?

All Subscriptions are located under the Subscriptions tab. There, they can be managed and edited. 

To manage subscriptions, go to the "Select Organization" page and select an Organization. This is done by clicking on the organization’s name and selecting the Subscription Tab. 


a. Subscriptions type - the list of subscriptions type.
b. By selecting  Search subscription name, vendor name, and Microsoft tenant name can be filtered.
c. Status - the status of the subscription.
d. Subscription - the subscription names.
e. Vendor - the vendor's names. 
f. Expires on - the expiry of the subscription name. 
g. Quantity - the number of licenses.
h. Add-ons - the number of add-ons.
i. Billing cycle - billing cycle of the subscription. 
j. Show cost - the price of the seller can be reviewed.
k. Price - the price of the subscription for the end customer. 

Subscription statuses:

  • Suspended - Subscription with suspended status.
  • Active -  Subscription with active status.

Subscriptions can also be managed via the “Select Organization” function; simply click the organization's name. This will display the organization’s profile. Here, you can see and manage subscriptions and other relevant information.

To change the status for and quantity of licenses/seats, press on the name of the Subscription:

a. Edit Subscription: This function allows the user to edit basic information related to this subscription.  To see the real name of the subscription, select the exclamation mark.

b. Edit Price: This function is used to adjust prices.



Note! The license quantity cannot be lower than the Assigned Licenses.

When selecting the "Edit" button for a subscription, you can choose when you want the changes to apply – now, on renewal, or on a custom date:


c. Now – The change order is created and processed immediately.

d. Custom date – this option allows you to select any future date. On the selected date the order will be sent to the vendor and changes will apply upon successful provisioning.

e. After renewal/commitment – this option allows scheduling changes that vendors do not allow you to make during an active commitment term. Scheduled changes will apply on renewal. This option may not be available for some subscriptions.

Note! This option is available only when the subscription has the Auto-renew flag On.

1. Select Save Changes.
2. After saving changes, a pop-up window with a Terms & Conditions will appear, press the "I agree" button to continue.

3. Select Save.

4. Select Save Changes.

If the subscription has scheduled changes, you can see them On the Scheduled Changes tab in the Subscription section. The associated order will also be in the Orders section.

You can see the scheduled change in detail by clicking on the subscription itself or the " Scheduled" link. 

There can still be only one simultaneous order per subscription. If your scheduled order is still unprocessed by the vendor, it may be required to wait before you can make changes to your subscription
When configuring changes for a selected date, prices automatically include the markup configured for that date.

Note! Scheduling is available for eligible offers – e.g., offers from Microsoft and other integrated vendors with instant or near-instant provisioning.

When a request for changes is sent, you will see a notification bar, where you can locate and see the changes you have made to the subscription:


Click on "View order" to see details of the submitted order. The system will direct you directly to the detailed view of the order. 


NOTE! Perpetual Software subscriptions are not editable.

Perpetual software subscriptions with a "One Time" billing cycle are being invoiced at the full cost on the first invoice, and it can no longer be edited.

The quantity field will be greyed out:

For more info please follow: Perpetual Software


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