AppXite is a solution provider in the Cloud environment. As an organization, AppXite helps other companies scale by providing them with essential software that empowers their abilities, facilitates their processes, and encourages them to grow.

1. Who can become our partner?
AppXite offers partnerships for both Microsoft-centric players, and those provisioning their own services. This includes SaaS Providers, ISVs, Managed Service Providers (MSP), Value-Added Sellers, System Integrators (SI), etc.

2. What are Direct and Indirect Sellers (Cloud Service Providers)?
There are 2 Cloud Service Provider models: Direct (tier 1) and Indirect (tier 2).

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP) gives partners the ability to manage customer life cycles on the cloud. This program makes it easy for a partner to combine services, tools, and products into one monthly (or annual) invoice.

An Indirect Cloud Solution Provider (tier 2) partners with indirect sellers in providing Microsoft cloud solutions. These solutions and subscriptions are purchased from Microsoft and offered to customers through those partnering sellers.

3. Who are Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)?
Independent Software Vendors (ISV) make and sell software products through a public cloud or cloud marketplace.

4. What are the benefits of working with us?
This depends on the business model we are working with:

Cloud Service Providers: AppXite does not take any distribution margin, we are ready to invest our distributive incentives in marketing and sales. Our partners do not need to care about all the requirements from MS.

Independent Software Vendors: AppXite helps ISVs by publishing their offerings into our platform. There, these are distributed throughout a wide seller network.

5. Can CSPs sell their own software along with Microsoft products?
Yes. CSPs can sell their own solutions while distributing Microsoft software.

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