How to Create a new Microsoft Tenant Domain for a Customer Organization?

In case a new Microsoft tenant domain needs to be created for a customer organization, this can be done directly on the platform from the CATALOG menu.


In order to create a new tenant domain:

  1. Log in to the portal on behalf of the customer, which the tenant domain needs to be created for.

  2. Select the Microsoft Product you would like to place a Purchase Order for, or simply select any Microsoft Product if the new tenant domain needs to be created without making a purchase, and click Buy now.

    NOTE: It is not necessary to complete the purchase, in order to create a new tenant domain. The purchase order can be cancelled once the new tenant domain is created.

  3. Please, follow the steps below:
    1. On Step 1 of the Configure Plan form, click Create new next to the Tenant Domain field.

    2. The Create new tenant domain form will pop-up.
      In the Domain name field, enter the name of the new tenant domain and click Save.
      Tip: The company name can be used for a domain name.
      A prefix will be appended to this domain name.

      Note: Microsoft has set following restrictions for tenant creation, if not followed, the creation will fail. Full restrictions rules are described here.

      Note: The system will not let you create the domain name, which had already been taken by someone. In such a case, Save button is not activated, and a notification message will pop up: 'Domain name: "" is not available'


      To resolve this, try a different domain name.
      For more information, please see the following article:
      What to do if I get the "hostname: example" is not a valid" message?

    3. You will see a notification icon next to the newly created tenant domain name, indicating the tenant creation progress:2022-03-30_16_54_01-.png

A few minutes later, the icon should disappear, informing the domain was successfully created and validated on Microsoft side.

When the new tenant domain is created, the primary contact specified in the customer organization profile receives the details of the newly created Account, including the Admin user account, via email:


The details from the email, customer could use on the :

Enter your administrator account name, in the format: and click Next.

Entering the Office 365 admin login



In case you encounter a red circle icon, this would mean the tenant domain could not be created due to some errors:


In such case, please contact support via email:  

When a customer creates a tenant domain with Microsoft through the platform, Tax ID (used to be called VAT number) and other details will undergo extra validation from Microsoft as per their new requirements for select countries.

Important to remember:

  • Upon creation of a tenant domain, the latest customer information from the customer profile in the platform will be sent to Microsoft for validation.
  • If Tax ID is empty in the customer profile, the customer will be marked as Tax-exempt on Microsoft side.
  • Updating customer profile in the platform will update customer’s information on Microsoft side the next time a tenant domain is used.

For more information check Microsoft announcement on Changes to the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) customer onboarding requirements.

Please be aware of existing MS restrictions for domain creation.


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