FAQ - Cloud Commerce Platform as-a-Service Agreement

This article outlines the main questions that arise while reviewing the Cloud Commerce Platform as-a-Service Agreement.

The Cloud Commerce Platform as a Service Agreement describes:

  1. How AppXite provides users with the Platform
  2. The rights and obligations of involved parties

1. When will the Platform become available?

AppXite Platform will be available right after a user (1) completes the onboarding step and (2) confirms that the Platform is configured according to their preferences.

2. What is White-Label Branding? 

This means that a user's Platform is branded under their logo, name, and other relevant designs accessible via URL.

3. What is White-Label billing?

When a Platform is set up and begins scaling sales, users often consider reducing administrative workloads by having AppXite take over customer billing. This means they utilize AppXite's White-Label Billing as-a-Service. This service generates invoices on behalf of the data generated in your Platform and sends it to customers. 

4. What is the Platform's availability?

AppXite's ultimate goal is providing full platform functionality 24/7/365.

This means effecting updates in a manner that affects business using the platform as little as possible. Now, the platform may have downtime consisting of two service windows per month - for a total of 4 hours. AppXite will notify sellers 2 (two) business days in advance of such service windows via e-mail. Additionally, AppXite takes commercially reasonable efforts to minimize everyone's risk exposure by making these service windows Saturday mornings 8:00 - 10:00 GMT +3. 

5. My business collects customer data, including personal data. What should I do to ensure compliance with data protection laws, including GDPR?

First, ensure there is a valid legal basis for processing. Then, maintain an appropriate level of information security within your company. This means that processing activities must be transparent; sufficient information is regularly provided to customers regarding the processing of their data. For further information visit our Privacy Hub.

This way, we ensure that we can collect payments from resellers.

6. Can I sell my own solutions via the AppXite platform?

Yes. Additional offers can be added to the Platform by using Platform functionalities for configuring offers. You can also appoint AppXite to act as your distributor; launching your products through our network of resellers connected to the Platform.

7. What happens to my customer data when I end the agreement?

Your data will be returned in a reasonably requested format. If the law requires, we will keep records of this data.

8. I want my own terms and conditions to govern my marketplace. Can I use my own terms on the Platform?

Platform functionalities allow users to upload and update terms and conditions related to its white-labeled capabilities.

9. What is the subscription term?

The standard term is 1 (one) calendar year. However, users have the ability to choose their own subscription terms.

10. Can I make modifications to the Platform?

No. However, you can request that AppXite carry out some modifications that will improve functionality.

11. Can AppXite make modifications to the Platform?

Yes. AppXite may change the functionality of the Platform by adding new features and improving various capabilities. AppXite will make its best efforts to notify users of any modifications before such modifications are implemented.

12. What happens if a customer changes information in the Microsoft Partner Center?

There is a 2-way synchronization between the Microsoft Partner Center and the AppXite Platform. Therefore, certain information can be edited in either location with both being updated. However, it is important to understand that once customer information has been synchronized with the platform, the only Billing information should be updated in Microsoft Partner Center. All other information must be updated on the platform to avoid problems with synchronization.  

13. Can I have my Platform support different currencies?

Yes. The platform does support different currencies. However, the settlement between a seller and AppXite should be consistent in one of the currencies provided below:

  • Euro (EUR)
  • Norwegian Krone (NOK)
  • Swedish Krona (SEK)
  • Danish Krone (DKK)
  • Swiss Franc (CHF)
  • Polish Zloty (PLN)
  • British Pound (GBP)
  • US Dollar (USD)
14. Can I delete my customer?

It is possible by suspending/disable all subscriptions and the organization on the platform.

Please refer to this article How to block/unblock the organization


15. What is billing monthly? 

The billing is monthly, meaning that if you place an order today then it will be billed from 25.02-25.03. And in March you will receive an invoice for one full license, which will be active until 25.03.


16. Who to contact regarding legal issues?

17. Who to contact regarding financial issues?

18. Who to contact regarding data protection?

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