Offer can be published only when buy form is set up

Vendors are allowed to publish offers that have form and provisioning fully set up in this way the offer will always work when customers try to purchase them.  

Note! This applies only to offers with "Use new form designer".


When selecting the "Publish" button without form, a pop-up warning appears:


The "Edit form" button is displayed only when the user has permission to use it.

a. The button "Close" just closes the popup.

b. The button "Edit form" opens the CPQ form editor in the new tab.


a. Standard:

  • Quantity - provides the ability to use the existing pricing mechanism.
  • Text - useful for collecting contact information (name, phone, email).
  • Number - is used to collect some quantitative metrics from the customer. 
  • Checkbox -This control represents a single checkbox that can be either checked or unchecked. It's possible to localize the control labels for different languages, to configure if the checkbox is mandatory. 
  • Date - intended to add the date.
  • Panel - control for design.
  • Radio - needed for cases when there is a small number of options offer to the customer. And can influence the price.
  • Dropdown - performs the same function as a radio, the only difference is appearance.  
  • Multidropdown- displays a list of choices for the user to select multiple items and saves values based on the selected choices. It's possible to localize the control labels for different languages.

b. Bussiness:

  • Microsoft Tenant Domain - It is possible to add "Tenant" control in the form designer. Provides a way for Customer to choose for which Azure Tenant he is ordering a subscription.
  • Billing cycle - Provides customers the ability to choose between several billing cycles (monthly or yearly).

c. Design:

  • The label -can be re-named and displays what the end-user sees.
  • LineBreak - control to improve the design. Used as part of horizontal panels. It allows achieving line breaks.
  • Space - control to improve the design.

Select the "Save form" turn back to Product Management and select the "Close" button.


Select the "Publish" button the offer will be published.  


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