How to reset notification settings to default?

Distributor Admin, Seller Admin can reset all notification settings to default or reset notification recipients for a particular event.  The settings section is accessible only in "Seller view".  Log-in to your platform. Go to "Settings" >> "Notification Settings" >>"Events" tab.

Hit the 'Reset to default' button. A pop-up will appear → Choose   "Confirm" to continue.  


You can also reset notification settings only for single event. In order to do it, use the 'Edit' button next to the desired notification,

The section will open in a new window, with two tabs available : Email and Webhook. For settings in both tabs you can use the "Reset to default" option.

A pop-up will appear → Choose   "Confirm" to continue.  


Once the confirmation is done, the message will appear with the text "Your notification setting has been reset to default successfully".

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