What is compatibility rules?

The compatibility rules option is available only for pricing plans. Vendors can ensure that the customer can only select compatible components of their service based on their custom rules.

a.  Select the Info icon, to check the explanation tooltip which describes how rules are applied. "Firstly, you create a new rule. After that, you choose that you want to control the compatibility of two controls. For example, let it be "Region" and "Internet speed". Then UI shows each combination (like "USA" and "1 tb/sec") in a table. And you are able to choose whether it's compatible choices or not. By default all options inside of rule are incompatible. If you have several rules related to the same control, we will show only options that are available in all rules".

b.The vendor is able to set up if there is a compatibility relation between two radio controls (or dropdown controls).

c. Vendor is able to mark options as compatible or not, It is possible to mark/unmark all compatibilities in one/two clicks

d. By selecting Add new rule, a new table will be added. If the same two controls as in previous rules controls will be added in the "Add new rule" option, the following error message will appear. "You already have a rule for the combination of this control".

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