How to Whitelist AAD domains?

This article explains how a Seller can invite users and customers on the platform with the "Work email (AAD Account)" log-in option.  This is accomplished when the Seller Admin, Distributor Admin, sends Platform Invitation to the proposed user.  

The Azure Active Directory domains of the invitee have to be whitelisted against for Auth0 via Settings:

Log in to the platform select "Settings" ->Authentication Management:


a. select the pencil icon from Azure Active Directory, the pop-up window will appear.

b. Add Organization's Azure Active Directory domain. The AAD domain can be found in the Organization's Azure Active Directory or in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center:


c. Add the email address of the tenant domain Global Administrator (who will receive the notification email with the Consent link), and save the form.
NOTE: the admin email should be enabled to send & receive emails.
d. Click SAVE again to save the page.
Note! If the application is not multi-tenant, the seller should adjust the configuration.

Admin email will receive the following email:


Once the consent has been accepted, the AAD users from this domain(s) can be invited to the platform. In more detail read the following article How to invite the user to the platform? 

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