Seller-to-Customer Price Hierarchy

Price hierarchy defines the prioritization of different prices set in the platform.

Seller admin can set-up various types of pricing on the portal:

  • For Products/Offers in the Catalog
  • For existing subscriptions

For Products/Offers in the Catalog - you can set-up Customer-specific, Vendor-specific, or Offer-specific prices in the Catalog on the portal (for more details, refer to the article Portal Prices)

  • Customers - setting up Markup for all the customers on the portal or for specific customers 
  • All offers - setting up Markup for all products in the Catalog. 
  • Specific vendor - setting up Markup for all products of a chosen Vendor.
  • Specific offers - setting up Markup for chosen Offer(s)


For existing subscriptions - setting up Markup for the already purchased offer with a commitment period, on Subscription Edit view:



The table below displays the hierarchy and the results of any changes made:

  Product Level Result
1. Portal-wide (All Customers) Level: A. All offers 1.A.
B. Vendor-specific 1.B. Overwrites 1.A.
C. Offer-specific 1.C. Overwrites 1.A.B.
2. Customer-specific Level: A. All offers 2.A. Overwrites 1.A.B.C.
B. Vendor-specific 2.B. Overwrites 2.A.
C. Offer-specific 2.C. Overwrites 2.A.B.
3. Subscription Level: A. One specific subscription 3.A. Overwrites all of the above


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