How to select custom provider as FX rate source?

If the reseller will add a currency it will allow customers to see all offers and pay in their preferred or local currency from the list that the seller allowed below. The invoice's amount calculates using the exchange rate on the invoice date.

Sellers can integrate their own FX rate provider of choice using Appxite Partner API. Alternatively, it is possible to simply send the seller's own custom currency exchange rates from the seller's other system using the same API. 

Note! Contact AppXite for access.

Select the "Settings" tab, on this page, select Currency & Payments -> Currency. Select the "Add" button from the bottom. 


The page will be opened in a new window.


Select the "Custom" option from the dropdown. When selecting the info icon, the following information is displayed: "Connect your custom provider of exchange rates using our API". The link will redirect you to the Knowledge base, where the instructions will be available on how to request API Access.

Note! The rate can be set manually by ticking the checkbox. If the rate is set manually, it will be used until another rate value is inputted manually or via API.

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