How to remove customer organization?

As a Distributor admin, Seller Admin you can delete duplicate or churned customer organizations. All active subscriptions should be canceled before removing the customer from the platform.

In order to remove the customer organization: 
a. go to the Organization section.
b. select the desired profile.


Select the arrow and choose subsection "Remove". If the Customer has status New, click on Approve and then follow the screenshot.


A pop-up window will appear, with the following text:

"Are you sure you want to remove this organization? This action is not reversible. All subscriptions must be canceled first by either blocking the organization or canceling subscriptions manually".


a. Open subscriptions - will direct the seller to the subscription section to Suspend subscription.

b. Select the Confirm button if all subscriptions are suspended for the customer. 

Note! If the seller will try to select the "Confirm" button, before suspending customer SUBSCRIPTIONS: the following error message pops up: "Cancel subscription and try again".


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