Subscription report (Report of all Customers/Organizations)

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All customers and sellers have access to the reporting section enabling tracking billings data over time. Reports can be accessed from the “Reports” section.


The section will be opened in a new window.


a. One or several Customers can be filtered, selected customer's data view will be displayed. 

b. External offer id can e filtered. 

c. Offer by name can be filtered, selected customer's data view will be displayed. 

d. Vendors by name can be filtered. selected customer's data view will be displayed. 

e. One or several Currencies can be selected. 

f. You can choose the following subscription status: Active, Deleted, Suspended.  

g. When selecting the info icon, the current message will display "This report shows billing data for the last 14  months. dates are grouped by billing period end date, which is different from the invoice date. Please see the knowledge base article for more information".

h. Link directs to knowledge base article link.

i. The button resets the filter reports.

j. The next page will be accessed.


The following information about vendor offers can be seen/viewed:a8.png


External Offer Id

Offer Name

Offer type

Internal subscription Id

External subscription Id

Subscription Start Date 

Subscription End Date 



Billing cycle 


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