► License Based Report Customer Report (Report per Customer/Organization)

All customers and sellers have access to the reporting section enabling tracking billings data over time. Reports can be accessed from the “Reports” section.


The section will be opened in a new window.


a. Billing date can be filtred.

b. Vendors by name can be filtered. 

c. Subscriptions by name can be filtered. 

d. Offers by name can be filtered. 

e. Subscription start date can be modified, by selecting the exact date.

Filters that can be used affecting all visuals. Note!  selecting certain data elements, such as the month in one visual, also filters other visuals.

f. When selecting the info icon, the current message will display "This report shows billing data for the last 14  months. dates are grouped by billing period end date, which is different from the invoice date. Please see the knowledge base article for more information".

g. link directs to knowledge base article link.

h. the button resets the filters reports.

The underlying datasets can be exported to a spreadsheet. To do that, click on the three dots on the top right corner, select Export data, and follow instructions in the next window.


The seller can see the custom offer properties column for offers and subscriptions when exporting data:

Offer details; Subscription details;

Note! Customers cannot see this column.

The License Based Report shows data based on license-based billings from the platform.

The report shows all subscriptions that are billed per purchased license. The data is grouped based on the billing period end date.

Please see the section Reports and Invoices data comparison below for information on how the data in this report relate to the invoice data.


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