Usage Based Report (Report of all Customers/Organizations)

The Usage-Based Report is presented to give a detailed breakdown of consumption of usage-based subscriptions. The consumption cost and quantity are grouped based on resource names, meter categories, and subcategories (or equivalent groups for non-Microsoft subscriptions).

The data is grouped based on the invoice month – the month when the data will appear in the invoice. E.g., your September usage is billed in October and that is where it is shown in the report.


Two filter groups are available: Basic and Subscriptions

Basic provides these filters: Invoice Month (last 6 months), Customer, Vendors, Subscriptions, Resource Groups, Meter Name.



Subscriptions group has these filters: Vendors, Offers, Subscriptions, Resource Groups, Meter Name, Subscription Start Date.



General functionality

  1. The “Consumed quantity and cost per resource” visual can be drilled into using the arrows in the top right corner to explore the hierarchy Resource Name -> Meter Category -> Meter SubCategory.
  2. The “Top 20 *” and “Top 10 *” visuals can be cross-filtered by any other visual and their context can be switched using the “Group Values By” buttons at the bottom right corner.
  3. The data shown in the visuals can be exported by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner and selecting “Export Data”. Note – the underlying dataset export is currently not available.


Data source and limitations

The usage data is loaded from the vendor APIs, the prices with markups or discounts are calculated, and the final output is stored in the platform and displayed in the report. Customer costs are calculated according to prices adjusted by configured markups or discounts in the platform, so they may differ from SRP if configured so. In other words - in case there are no markups or discounts applied the customer price will be equal to SRP.

Important! Due to the complexity, volatility, and volume of the source data, there may be differences between the final values calculated by the vendor and what is displayed in the report. While we are continuously working towards improving the usage data quality we store, we currently cannot guarantee 100% accuracy.

Therefore, the data shown in the report should be used as general insight in cost split between resources, and the monthly total costs should be verified against the Cost of Revenue overview reports or invoice data directly.

The exception to the above – Azure plan usage data for periods that have already been invoiced (an invoice with a status verified). Once invoices are verified for a specific billing period, the Azure plan usage data will match invoice data.

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