Reporting is available for Seller in different views: 

  1. Seller Report (Report of all Customers/Organizations)
  2. Customer Report (Report per Customer/Organization)

In both cases, Report is split into License based and Usage-based reports, divided by tabs on the bottom of the page. All reports allow to choose and select data you want to filter/see: 


Reports are visible up to 12 months in the past for license based subscriptions and up to 7 months for usage based subscriptions. For more historic data overview you can use Invoices section.  

Reports show data in the next month as a billing month.

Example 1: License-based subscription purchased on 4th January 2020. Data shall be reflected in the next Billing Month which is February 2020 based on Charge End-Date field. This is the logic in which month is included license based subscription. 
Example 2:  Usage based subsciptions are reflected in the report based on Invoice Date. That means usage incurred from 2-31 October would be shown under November month for a Partner whose invoice was generated on 1st of November.  

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