Managing User Information, Permissions: Add, Edit, and Delete Users


This article explains the user management functionalities available for different account types within the platform. It provides guidance on navigating user statuses, editing permissions, and managing user accounts effectively.

1. Select the "Users" tab.
2. Click on the name of a user. Above the user's name, you will see its status (New, Active, Blocked).

  • New: A user with a “New” status means that an invitation has been sent to this user. However, they have either not yet accepted this invitation, or they have not yet logged in to the platform.
  • Active: A user with an “Active” status means that the invited user has accepted the invitation and has logged into the platform. 
  • Blocked: A user with a “Blocked” status means that the user has been Deactivated. This user does not have access rights to the platform. However, as this user is still shown in the list of users, it can be renewed. A blocked user can be fully removed from the platform if all their Permissions have been removed.

In the User Profile page, you can:

a. Edit/add permissions as needed.
b. Deactivate active users / Activate blocked users. In case the user hasn’t yet accepted the invitation, it will have the option Resend Invitation.
c. Delete a User from the platform, simply selecting the trash bin icon, it will remove the user's permission from the platform. 

When selecting the "Deactivate" button, the pop window will appear:


If you want to change user account state to Blocked select "yes".

 NOTE! If you want to remove assigned permissions and/or want to add new permissions to a user, you should first add the new permissions and after – remove the permissions you want to remove. Otherwise, the user must be invited again as a new user.

History tab shows the table with all changes to the profile and permissions.

Period can be filtered from 1 Week, 2 Weeks, 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, 12 Months, and All time. 


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