Customer On-boarding

Customers have to go through the on-boarding process. Go to Search -> Customers. The customer card can be opened by clicking on the customer number. 

In the beginning, all information that has been synced from the platform needs to be checked (company name, address, contact name, currency). PDF invoices are sent to the e-mail address indicated in the customer card in the Business Central. 


Fields General Business Posting Group, VAT Business Posting Group and Customer Posting Group are mandatory. For General and Customer Posting Groups add the appropriate region in which the customer is located. Tax Business Posting Group will determine how the taxes are calculated for the specific customer, it should be either EU_SERV for countries in the EU or 3rd_SERV for the rest of the world.



Payment Terms Code in the Payments Section determines the due date.

Once the process of onboarding is complete following checkmark must be removed.  If it is not removed it will be listed as an error during billing data validation.  This is necessary to avoid errors of processing, for instance, those resulting from missing posting groups.  They can stop the entire posting process and must be avoided.


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