Handling Errors in Business Central

After the data processing is done, in a perfect scenario, all invoices should be created and in status Doc Created. AppXite Invoicing Solution will automatically give a number for each invoice (the numeration setup is adjusted when the organization is created). If you see that there is an invoice in status Error, follow the next steps.

Open Business Central portal.

Click Search icon and type Sales & Receivables Setup.


Click Process then click AppXite Billing Headers.




Go to AppXite Errors in the Sales & Receivables Setup. 


Check the Comment column to understand why the invoice was not processed.


The most common issues:

  • InvoicesDate. It means that the invoice date is not in the current month. In order to change the date, mark the relevant Invoice -> press Edit List -> change InvoicesDate to the current month.
  • On-Boarding Status. It is possible that the customer or resource has not been onboarded. In this case, go to Search -> Customers/Resources -> Choose the appropriate customer/resource -> Turn off the On-Boarding Required There could also be other empty fields, such as VAT Setup and Payment Terms Code. Fill in all mandatory fields.
  • The total in Sales Header does not equal the total of all sales lines. One of the possible issues could be rounding. Please escalate this to AppXite Support.

Once al Errors are resolved, press Process Documents again.

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