Invoice processing

The invoicing process in the AppXite Invoicing Solution is quick and does not take more than a couple of minutes. 

The start point for the process is the billing cycle or the date when invoices are calculated. It depends on the seller’s agreement with the vendor. It can be monthly, quarterly, annual, or any period preferred. On that date, the billing engine concludes computations of billing data it is then synchronized overnight to AppXite Invoicing Solution. In order to issue the invoices to your customers, follow the next steps.

Log in AppXite Invoicing Solution with your credentials. Continue to Search -> Sales & Receivables Setup -> Process -> AppXite Billing Headers. There you can see the invoices with all relevant information, including customer, invoice, and subscription IDs from the platform.


Scroll to the right side and sort data by date (Status Time Stamp -> Descending) to make it easier to oversee that all data has synced, and everything is as expected.


Note! To see all subscription lines that have been calculated for a specific period, go to AppXite Billing Lines.



Once it is confirmed that everything is as expected, documents can be processed. It can be done for any number of invoices it is necessary. Processed are all invoices with status New, as well the invoices in status Error in case the errors have been corrected. Press Process Documents.


Note! Once you press this button, all invoice headers will be processed. If you do not want a specific invoice to be processed, there are two ways how to prevent it:

  • Leave On-Boarding Required switch on in the customer card. It will move the document to AppXite Errors once the invoice is processed. Go to Search -> Customers -> Choose the correct customer -> Turn on the On-Boarding Required.
  • While in AppXite Billing Headers, click on the relevant Header -> press Edit List -> change InvoicesDate to the previous month. If the InvoicesDate is in the month which is not equal to the current month, the invoice will go to AppXite Errors. The exception is the first two working days of each month when the documents related to the previous accounting period can be posted.

Note! If after processing there are invoice in status Error, refer below to the Handling Errors section of this article.

When the documents are processed, their status changes to Doc Created. It means that the invoices are ready for posting. Now click on Post Documents.


Note! As you click post-revenue, revenue is booked in line with IFRS 15 standard based on subscription charge start date and end date. So that complexity for correctly recognizing revenue for subscriptions with quarterly, annual billing periods have been taken out with this solution.

Once the invoices are posted, the status will change to Doc Posted.


Note! In case the status of one or more invoices does not change from Doc Created to Doc Posted, you may try to post documents one by one: go to Search -> Sales Invoices,  click on the individual invoice to open the Sales Invoice card, then click Posting -> Post.


In order to send the invoices, go to Search -> Posted Sales Invoices. Choose the invoice(-s) that should be sent and click on Print/Send -> Send by Email. Your customers will now receive the invoices in their mailboxes.

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