How to add Invoice Line Corrections?

All users with access to invoices can add manual invoice correction line for invoices in status New.

Purpose for this functionality is for responsible team members managing invoicing process to correct invoices accordingly. As common scenarios are timeline for escalations to Vendors or invoice corrections applied by Vendors which can take longer time than monthly invoicing process. Another scenario for example is when there is an error configuring price logic in Platform. 

Applied manual correction is one-time charge and will be visible in the given month once invoices are moved to status Verified. 

Manual invoice correction lines are only visible one level down the chain i.e., if distributor has inserted manual correction it will be visible to seller under incoming invoices. Manual correction line inserted by distributor will not be added to the invoice from seller to end-customer. If there is need to add such manual correction line then Seller has to do that by themselves. 

Process to add manual correction line: 

Navigate in Platform to Invoices Section --> Outgoing Invoices.

Select required invoice for which correction lines need to be applied.

NOTE: Invoice line corrections are applied on Invoice Receiver level for End-Customers. 

Manual invoice line insertion happens by clicking on the icon under column Manual Correction.


Once icon has been clicked it opens new window to specify Correction Type and Amount. 

As available options for Correction Type are Correction, ProrateAdjustment, Credits, Discount.

NOTE: Manual corrections can only be added while Invoice is with status New. 


Once necessary information has been added click on Save changes button and wait for few moments for changes to update database records. 

Then upon refresh of Invoice Section, new manual correction invoice line will appear. 


In case there is need to make any adjustments to newly inserted manual correction line it can be done by navigating again to Manual correction column and clicking either on Edit or Delete options. 


Manual correction line will be automatically populated in Full Reconciliation file and can be found by filtering Charge Type column.




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