How to do Customer organization self-registration in the platform?

There is a possibility for the customer organization to self-register on the platform. However, be aware that a company is interested in purchasing Microsoft products, should be a new customer without Microsof't tenant domain. 
To self-register on the platform, a company should follow the steps below.
1. To begin the process of self-registration, a company organization needs to enter catalog and pick the product that it wants to purchase. Select "View offers".


1.2. When an offer is selected, select "Buy now" button


2. Authorization method will pop up with two options: "Log In" and "Register". If you are a new organization, following the self-registration steps, please select "Register".


3. You will be redirected to the login page:


We recommend several options for self-registration:

a. Customer can register using the Account option. 

b. Customer can register using the Personal email (Live ID).

Work email (AAD Account) can not be used because the Azure Active Directory domains have to be whitelisted against for Auth0 via. 

4. After selecting the method of authorization, you will see the table with two tabs, please select the tab "Sign Up" and enter valid email and secure password:


5. After filling-in the credentials, the initial form for creating an organization will pop up. Please, carefully fill it in and select "Save" button.


Note! The Primary contact of the platform will receive an email notification. The seller should "Approve" the customer organization in order to complete the process.


Following these steps, one can easily self-register on the platform.

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