How to create a copy of the existing offer?

A vendor can create a new offer by copying an existing one to simplify the process for similar services.

To create/copy a new offer(s) in the Products section, click on View Offer & Bundles. The section will be opened in a new window.  


Select the arrow and choose Copy from existing.


When selecting "Copy from existing" opens a popup where the user selects: 


The vendor dropdown is searchable by name and ID and all Active vendors are accessible. The vendor dropdown is searchable by Offer name. The dropdown contains all New and Active and Unpublished offers of the selected vendor, except bundles.

!Note When creating a copy, only offer details are filled in, the pricing plan will not be copied and needs to be created

Selecting "Create a copy" in the popup redirects user to Create an offer form with the form prefilled based on the origin offer selected at the previous step:


Note!  The offer will be saved in New status.

"Once you have pressed Save, the Product Manager will need to Publish an offer in order to be able to see it in Seller's catalog". 

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