How to place an Order on behalf of the Organization?

Log in on behalf of the organization, Select the "Buy Now"  button to finish the purchase:


Once you fill in the order form, you will see a table with a summary this is because some fields can affect the summary, so it needs to be completed before checking the result. Sellers will be able to see their markups/discounts and adjust them before placing an order / creating a quote.


After the "Place order" action, you will be asked to agree to Terms and Conditions


a. Read T&C, by clicking the link provided and mark the check-box.
b. Press the "Agree" button.

a10.png                                                                             ↓order.png

When you place your order, the page and the email notification will now inform you about expected order provisioning times. After you place your order, you will see a reminder and a shortcut to add a Note to this order. This will remind customers and account managers to add reference numbers and another essential context:

c. You will then receive the Order Number and Order summary.
d. View orders - when an order is submitted, it can be found where you can follow the statuses of its completion.
e. Continue Shopping - choose other licenses, add them to the cart, and place the orders.

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