How to place an Order on behalf of the Organization?

Log in on behalf of the organization, choose the offer you want to purchase, and select the "Buy Now"  button to manage the purchase:


Once you fill in the order form, you will see a table with a price summary.
This is because some fields can affect the final price, so it needs to be completed before checking the result.
Sellers are able to see their markups/discounts and adjust them before placing an order/creating a quote.


After pressing the "Place order" button, you will be asked to agree to the Terms and Conditions


a. Read T&C, by clicking the link provided and marking the checkbox.
b. Press the "I agree" button.

a10.png                                                                             ↓order.png

When you place the order, the page and the email notification will inform you about expected order provisioning times.
After the order is placed, you will see a reminder and a shortcut to add a Note to this order. This will remind customers and account managers to add reference numbers and other essential information:

c. You will then receive the Order Number and the Order summary.
d. View orders -when an order is submitted, it leads to the tab, where you can see the status.
e. Continue Shopping - will redirect you to the catalog, where you can choose other licenses to purchase or manage the customer.

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