Reporting API - Overview

Reporting API is a collection of API endpoints that provide data for self-service reporting and billing integrations.

The API covers several key areas of the platform – Invoices (invoice-headers, invoice-rows), Orders (orders, orders/items), Contracts (contracts), Subscriptions (subscriptions, subscription-events, offers, offers/properties), Organizations (organizations, organizations/contacts, organizations/addresses, organizations/details, tenants/details), and Currencies (currency-rates).

To view detailed documentation on the available endpoints, please visit the Postman collection here: Postman Collection

To request access, please follow the instructions here: How to request API Access

After the access is requested, you will receive the following values that are required to work with the Reporting APIs:

  • requesterId – this is the ID of your organization and it sets the context of what data can be accessed.
  • sasKey – this is the access key provided by AppXite to use the APIs.
  • environment – this is the environment for the APIs. For production APIs it is set to api.

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