Integration with ConnectWise Invoicing Solution - Integration with AppXite platform

AppXite platform is used by vendors, distributors, resellers, managed services providers (MSPs), and end-customer organizations to build, sell, deliver, operate multi-cloud, SaaS, and managed services offerings.

One of the major purposes of the AppXite platform is to calculate billings and generate invoices based on sales that are performed on the platform. For some users of the AX platform, it is important to keep all invoicing data inside their own ERP/CRM or similar systems.

ConnectWise Manage has a dedicated “Invoicing” section that contains invoicing and invoice lines data.

The objective of the AppXite platform invoicing integration with ConnectWise Manage is to provide all necessary information from the AppXite platform to ConnectWise Manage, to produce invoices.

Data that is needed to produce invoices will be imported using respective APIs of the AppXite Platform and ConnectWise. 

Invoices in the AppXite platform are generated based on a billing cycle date set for offerings and contracts, usually once per month (but can be more often depending on the settings of vendors).

To check invoices for a particular customer, users with appropriate permissions can select that customer and then navigate to the Invoices section to see a list of invoices:


Picture 1. Customer organization incoming invoices.

Invoices can have different statuses, but only invoices in status “Verified” are valid for payment and import to ConnectWise. 

To see individual invoice rows users should click on the “Invoice Id” number:


Picture 2. Invoice rows

Information from “Incoming invoices” and “Incoming invoice details” will be exported to ConnectWise automatically when invoice status is changed to “Verified”. This is performed by a scheduled job that is executed nightly.

For further information on invoicing functionality in the AppXite platform refer to knowledge base articles here: Where can I find invoices?

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