Activity History

The activity section provides a comprehensive view of significant events within the platform's history, categorized by organization and user. The following types of activities will be presented: user invitations, permission assignments or removals, alterations in subscriptions including details, and more.  

This section will furnish a chronological record of activities along with timestamps, encompassing the inception, modifications, adjustments, and erasures of records on the platform, all executed by the user.

2024-06-17 08_26_22-Activity.png

A. Period: Filtering by period can span 1 week, 2 Weeks, 1 to 12 months, or All time recorded time.
B. Entity Type: You can employ entity type filters such as All, Subscription, and User.  
The results will showcase details like entity type, entity name, user responsible for the change, associated organization, date of alteration, and particulars of the changes made.
When reviewing Activity History, it is possible to see which external system changes come from.
For a more comprehensive understanding of alterations, selecting the subscription name will lead to the specific subscription in question, while choosing the organization name will direct you to the profile of the respective organization.


NOTE! Subscription history tab is not visible to users with Customer billing admin, Seller billing admin and Reseller roles.

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