Activity History

The activity section allows seeing the history of all important events on the platform, by organization and user. The following activities will be displayed- who invited which user, which permissions were assigned or removed, which subscriptions were changed and how etc.
It will show activity history and timestamps for the creation, updates, changes, and deletion of records in the platform by the user.
a. Entity Type - you can filter entity type by All, Subscription, and User. 
b. Period - you can filter period from 1 week, 1 to 12 months, All time. 
c. Changed by the user - you can select several users from the list or All.
d. Selected results - Entity type, entity name, Change type, by whom the change was performed, change date, and what changes were made

!Note Subscription history tab is not visible to users with Customer billing admin, Seller billing admin and Reseller roles

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