Azure Migration Status

Report Overview

This report shows an overview of your customer Azure subscription migration, as required by the new Microsoft commerce experience.

The customer list is sorted to show the highest revenue subscriptions to prioritize as they will have the biggest impact on the incentives.


a. The revenue information is only available if invoices are processed using the AppXite platform. If they are not, then only the customer and subscription counts will be visible.

b. The revenue totals are filtered by the current status of Azure subscriptions. If a customer no longer has any Azure subscriptions, then their revenue for the previous month will be excluded.


Last month’s revenue and incentives were split between three groups:

  • Azure plan subscriptions – revenue from Azure plan subscriptions that are still active today.
  • Microsoft Azure – revenue from Microsoft Azure subscriptions that are still active today.
  • Microsoft Azure (recently migrated) – revenue from Microsoft Azure subscriptions that have been recently migrated.

Customer and subscription statistics as of the current day. Customers are grouped by which Azure subscription type they have. Some customers may have both the Azure plan and Microsoft Azure subscriptions active together in case they have multiple active tenants.

List of all customers with Microsoft Azure The scope of this table can be changed using the filters below it (e,f,g).

h. Ignore revenue from inactive subscriptions - Filter to exclude revenue from calculations where the subscription was active last month but is no longer active today.

Microsoft Azure revenue trend and revenue % split between Azure plan and Microsoft Azure. This shows the progression of the migration starting from January 2021.

Filter to change the scope of the customer's list (c) based on which Azure subscriptions they have on the current day.

Filter to change the currency for all revenue and incentive totals. The exchange rate is taken as of the invoice date.

Filter to ignore and hide the customers and subscriptions that did not have revenue during the previous month.

Please check the following article to learn more about Azure Migration


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