Subscription Report

The following reports can be found on the Distributor platform by following this link 

After logging into the Distributor platform choose the reseller you are looking for as shown below in the screenshot:


After the reseller has been chosen, click the Reports link as shown in the screenshot below:


To select a subscription report, you should either click "SUBSCRIPTION & ORDER" -> Subscription Report tab or find a "Subscription Report" on the reports pane at the bottom of the page:


There are 4 filter groups that provide different kinds of filters for subscriptions - Basic, Subscriptions, Organizations, Offers.


Basic filter group includes Reseller, Customer, Vendor, Offer, Subscription Status, Auto Renew Enabled, Trial, Microsoft NCE.


In this view of the report you can find following information: Reseller / Reseller Vendor ID / Customer / Customer Vendor ID (where available) / Customer ERP ID / Admin Account Email (Adobe only) / External Offer ID / Offer name / Offer type / is NCE / Internal Subscription ID / External Subscription ID / Subscription Start Date / Subscription End Date / Term duration (months) / Status / Auto renew Enabled / Auto Renew Change Date / Billing Cycle / Vendor / Currency / Quantity (on Start) / Distributor Unit Cost (on Start) / Distributor Total Cost (on Start) / Seller Unit Cost (on Start) / Seller Total Cost (on Start) / Distributor to Seller Margin (on Start, %) / Customer Unit Cost (on Start) / Customer Total Cost (on Start) / Seller to Customer Margin (on Start, %) / Quantity (Today) / Distributor Unit Cost (Today) / Distributor Total Cost (Today) / Seller Unit Cost (Today) / Seller Total Cost (Today) / Distributor to Seller Margin (Today, %) / Customer Unit Cost (Today) / Customer Total Cost (Today) / Seller to Customer Margin (Today, %) / Last Price Recalc. Date


Subscriptions filter group includes Vendor, Subscription, Auto Renew Enabled, Auto Renew Change Date, Trial, Microsoft NCE, Subscription Start Date, Subscription End Date, Days Until Subscription End Date, Currency, Subscription Status.


The subscriptions filter group has a special filter Auto Renew Change Date that is useful to track and take action on subscriptions that recently have their Auto Renew disabled which means that they are likely to churn.

Few things for this particular filter:

  1. This change date is based on Auto Renew status change checks that are done daily, so in some cases, it may deviate from the actual change date by 1 day.
  2. We have data for this change date starting from July 2022, so if the Auto Renew status changed before that, it may not appear in the report.

The "Days until subscription end date" filter is currently set up to display 999 days. If selected 999, the report will show all the subscriptions, even with longer expiration dates.


Organizations filter group includes Reseller, Customer, Vendor, Reseller Country



Offers filter group includes Vendor, Product, Offer, Offer Type, Trial, Microsoft NCE, Custom Offer Properties, External Offer Id.


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