Common order errors and how to fix them

When facing issues with orders going through, you will see the message "Provisioning failed" in the order status field. If hovering over the "Provisioning failed" text, in most cases, it will display a message with the reason why the provisioning could not be processed. A very good overview of successful and failed orders can be found in Order status report.

Here are common reasons for orders not being able to complete:

  • "There is a pending operation on subscription X. Please try again in 24 hours" - Please wait 24 hours and replace the order
  • Incomplete or missing billing info - Orders can not be completed if the billing information is missing or the email address is invalid. Confirm if the information has been filled in correctly in Microsoft 365 Admin center (check for missing address line, postcode etc), wait for overnight synchronization (or synchronize the information manually from the Microsoft Partner center for immediate effect), and resubmit the Provisioning.mceclip1.png
  • More than 1 Azure plan - There is a limitation to the amount of Azure plans. Only 1 Azure plan can be purchased per customer. Active subscriptions must be suspended first via Partner Center. There are no limitations to Azure subscriptions inside the plan.
  • The reseller domain cannot be the same as customer domain. For example, Reseller email address:, and order is being made for 
  • MCA has to be updated in the Partner center - either a partner confirmation of the customer's acceptance of the Microsoft Customer Agreement must be provided, or the customer must accept the Microsoft Customer Agreement in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center before you can complete this purchase.mceclip0.png
  • Order provisioning failed for Education offer - Customer profile is set up as a Private business in Microsoft 365 Admin Center - this can be changed only by contacting support and requesting to change the license type.
  • Internal error - An internal error has happened: please try to resubmit the provisioning.

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