Azure usage report

Azure Usage Report provides partners with actionable insights regarding Azure consumption. By leveraging Azure Usage Report partners can drive different business outcomes:

  1. Improve profitability.
  2. Automate manual tasks.
  3. Control and optimize cost and resource usage. 

Azure Usage Report includes data about Azure subscriptions, meters, tags, partner earned credit, and other dimensions.

The report is available to all customers and partners from the Reports section.


Azure usage report is available to all channel partners and configured exactly for each type of partner's needs. Please note that data is refreshed in line with Microsoft availability.

1. Customer view:

Customers have access to granular information about their Azure usage. Based on various dimensions and filters customers can ensure good control of their cost and take necessary steps to optimize their cost. 

Report gives an easy-to-use overview of the top entitlements, meters, subcategories, and tags for easy identification of key cost drivers. To get even more details the customer can dive in by clicking any meter.

Customer report supports Usage Breakdown view which is great for in-depth analysis of cost. Customers can leverage the power of machine learning to quickly gain insights on key cost drivers across different dimensions supported in the report. 




Finally Azure Usage Report enables customer to download data in Excel file for further work or upload into ERP or other solutions. 



2. Sellers view

Seller view covers the same views as Customer and includes an additional view - Reseller Overview.

Reseller Overview provides insight into customers and the profitability of Azure sales.

Direct Bill partners of Microsoft can track their Partner Earned Credits (PECs) using the report. This is valuable insight to ensure that optimal cost is ensured for the sale of Azure and partners can deliver their margin.

Cost, Revenue, and Suggested Retail Price are included as Show Measures filter.




3. Distributor view

Distributor view covers the same views as Seller but instead of Reseller Overview has Distributor Overview.

Distributor overview provides insight into Sellers and the profitability of Azure sales.




Check out the video demo to see the report in action!

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